Ionna Photography and Imaging, LLC | About

Mission Statement

As the sole photographer of Ionna Photography and Imaging, it is my passion and goal to provide my clients with matchless images that help them to capture their life’s most precious moments and to be as inventive and unique as possible to meet your imaging needs.  In doing so, I desire to establish long lasting relationships, making my clients a part of my extended family.   I will continue to study fresh, innovative methods and learn new ways to capture numerous lives in perfect, artistic images.

About Us

Educator by day and artist by night (and day), I began loving The Arts before I could remember.  My love for photography started around the age of 12 when my mother took a photography course in college.  I remember the countless photos she took of my sister and I, and the awesome photo projects she had to devise for her class.  It wasn’t until high school that I began to strengthen my skills, teaching myself techniques.  I put the camera down in 1996 to become a teacher.  Thankfully, I regained my love for photography in 2005 when a friend of mine began taking portraits of his music clients.  That motivated me to pick the camera back up, and have been growing as a photographer ever since.  Ionna Photography and Imaging was founded and built from passion and love of The Arts.  I unofficially began in January 2010, then Ionna Photography and Imaging became an LLC in November 2013.  I endeavor to learn fresh, new methods and techniques and will continue to open and close the shutter until the camera becomes extinct.  I offer quality digital photographic and graphic imaging services.  With me, you can get your portraits taken and then digitally sculpted to bring out the best in your most beautiful features.  You can also count on me for unique designs for your branding, logo design, business cards, flyers, brochures, and other graphic design needs, all at affordable prices.  My goal is to provide my clients with matchless images and designs, and I endeavor to make each session as innovative, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible.